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Blue Skies
Flight Training

Affordable Flight Training Programs customized to fit your schedule.


$ 35 per Hour
  • This rate is for both ground and flight training
  • Excludes Handbooks

  • Excludes Aircraft Rental

  • Excludes Aircraft Fuel

Recurring/Rusty Pilot Training

$ 70 min
  • 2yr recurring training is mandatory per the FAA.
  • Excludes aircraft Rental
  • 2hr minimum required
  • $35 per hour for additional training if needed

High Performance - Complex

$ 350 min
  •  Per the FAA guidelines in qualified aircraft.

  • 10 Hr Minimum
  • Excludes Aircraft Rental

  • Excludes Aircraft Fuel

Rotary/Fixed Wing Transition

$ 1050 min
  • Initial training in FAA qualified aircraft
  • 30 Hr Minimum

  • Excludes Aircraft Rental

  • Excludes Aircraft Fuel


Its hard to say as it varies from each students comprehension level, their ability to retain previous lessons, and their ability to fly frequently. 

The FAA minimums is 40hrs of combined flight time and ground school training.
Based on this here is an example of what it may cost you.

- 30hrs CFI time = $35x30 = $1050
- 40 Hrs of plane time = $3200
- 40 Hrs of Aircraft fuel (approx 8gal per hr x 40hrs x $5 per gal =  $1600
- Books = $50
- 3rd party Written Exam Prep Course = $285 (Optional, but highly recommended)
- Written Exam Fee= $165
- Check Ride Fee - $450

- Total Approx - $6800

How long it takes is solely based on how frequently you fly, and your ability to retain and comprehend all lessons. For some it comes naturally while with others its a struggle. The more consistently you're able to fly/train, the more likely it will take you less time than those who train less frequently. 

We typically use a Piper Cherokee 140, however we have various aircraft available for training should the need to use another plane arise. 


KCSG Airport
Columbus, Ga 


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